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About AROSA Vacations

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What we beleive

At Arosa Vacations, we believe everyone deserves to have a good vacation. Simplicity makes us happy. Our Goal is to remove any technical and financial barriers that can prevent our customers from making their vacation adorable. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought.

Exciting Destinations

With destinations as open as your imagination and experiences as diverse as your ever-changing needs, Arosa Vacations is here to help you live the vacation lifestyle.

Fun & Floric

People who enjoy experiencing new places when they spend time away from home, Arosa Vacations is the best choice.

Varied Packages

High season vacations and in demand resorts cost more points than off season, less popular places, and they are booked up earlier. Arosa Vacations Pvt. Ltd. provide more choice than a traditional timeshare. As well as offering a range of destinations, we suit a growing family for which the number of bedrooms required is going to increase over the years, or a couple with older children who are about to the fly the nest.

"Arosa Vacations Pvt. Ltd."

Where vacationing is a pleasurable experince with options of domestic and international destinations. Where you and your loved ones will be spoilt for choice.

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